home-gymSo you’re looking to start a home gym hey? If you’re tired of paying for monthly memberships to hear people grunt, hog machines, and wipe sweat all over the equipment? Then this article is for you!
Starting a home gym can be a great investment that can last you a lifetime while saving you money on the often expensive monthly membership fees from gyms. That’s if you have the space for it. Working out from home has so many benefits such as:

– It’s accessible anytime that you want to work out
– You can play any type of music that you want and how loudly you want
– Nobody there to judge you but yourself
– It’s free! Of course that’s after you pay for the equipment!

When I started working out, I had a small home gym setup. It was down in my basement and became my little sanctuary for a few years that I went to everyday to pray to the iron gods to ask for massive muscle gains. I often lifted weights down there as well. If you’re not looking to build a hulk-like Olympia physique, your home gym can help you reach your muscle building goals, and strength goals depending on the equipment that you have. To build a home gym, you don’t necessarily need all of the fancy equipment that you see in the gym that can amount to thousands of dollars. To have an effective home gym the things that you need are:

1) Set of adjustable dumbbells – The amounts of exercises that you can perform with dumbbells is countless. Having a good set that can be adjusted to 50-60 lbs will definitely be more than enough  resistance to make your workouts challenging and help build new muscle.

2) A barbell with weight plates – This is secondary when it comes to weights, and if you the extra money and space, this is a must have. Barbells are a great alternative to dumbbells because they allow both arms to work in unison, and allow for heavier weight to be lifted. Having a barbell with a few weight plates (100-200 lbs) is more than enough for many exercises.

3) Pull up bar – Pull up bars are another awesome thing to have in your home gym. Nowadays you can buy them relatively cheap (Walmart) and if you have a door frame, which most people do, voila! You can do abs exercises such as knee/leg raises and chin ups and pull ups

4) Adjustable bench press bench – What’s a home gym without a bench? Most of the time you can find a bench press bench that comes with a barbell and a set of weights too. My first bench and barbell combo was purchased from Walmart for around 200$ and I still have it today.

5) Squat rack (if you have room for it) -If you have enough room for all of the equipment I listed above plus a full sized squat rack, you don’t have to pay for a gym membership at all. Having the ability to do squats from the comfort of your own home is the best thing that you can have. Many people can do really effective workouts that hit all of the upper body muscles with barbells and dumbbells, but often lack the ability to perform heavy barbell squats safely from home.

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Well there you have it. People have been wondering what the best home fitness equipment is, and I’ve just listed 5 of them. If you don’t have much room in your place but still want to kick some butt from home, the best thing on that list to have is a set of adjustable dumbbells and a pull up bar. There are so many exercises that you can perform with just that. Other than that, this list is nothing to spectacular, just the basics. Which is all you really need to build a strong and muscular body. Nowadays we are spoiled with many machines that often make lifting and building muscle a bit less demanding. But if you stick to these 5 basic things, you’ll be building muscle the old-school way. Nothing but the iron and yourself. See you guys in the next article!

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