mike-chang-cheated-product-scamI’ve avoided this topic for a while now, and have finally decided to write about it due to the sudden influx of questions regarding this topic. I get this question so often, that if I got a dollar for every time I answered this question, I’d probably be sitting comfortably around 30 dollars now. What are your thoughts on Mike Chang? Is he a good trainer? Are his products bogus? The list goes on, and on. If you haven’t really browsed the internet (mainly YouTube) in the past 2 years, I’ll tell you this: he’s everywhere. His fitness ads are all over YouTube, on many, many websites, and it seems like he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

He is currently the most popular and most subscribed to fitness trainer on YouTube with a whopping 3.5 million followers. But it seems like more people hate him rather than like him. So what’s my opinion on Mike Chang’s training philosophies and techniques? Do I think he’s a snake oil salesman in a muscular body scamming newbies out of their hard earned money like many people do? First off lets give you an example of what many people say about Mike:

Mike Chang is using the good old fashioned tricks to push his products – in your face advertisements, misleading claims, untested results, shady web-sites, YouTube spam bots, sexual related material and much more. The sole purpose of his activity is to profit on the back of the uninformed.

Do you guys agree with what is said?

Let me give you an honest opinion of what I think. I think he is an overall decent guy (I didn’t say trainer). I watch his videos from time to time, and although I know bettermike-chang than falling for an “ancient Chinese secret” to getting ripped, I find his videos are often filled with good content. On the other hand, do I think he’s annoying because of all of his spammy advertisements of his products and videos that appear everywhere and on almost all videos that I watch? Yes I do.

But let’s talk soley about his fitness tips and training advice. The content that he shares is quick and simple and has probably helped many with their weight loss, or muscle building journey. His workouts are short and intense, and are often able to be performed at home in a small area. Though some people argue that his videos are nothing but plain and basic movements slapped together into a workout program, I think it’s great for newbies. Simple can hit hard.

He’s a good source of information if you’re a total beginner and he’ll definitely help you get on the right track. As for intermediate and advanced lifters, his information can come off as lame or “bro sciencey“, as many guys often say. He is a certified trainer, but more often seems to excel further in marketing. With over 3.5 million subscribers, there is a lot of people to market and to sell his products to, and that gets people angry and upset. But try to think of one upcoming and successful YouTuber who doesn’t advertise their own products to try and make a living? Mike just takes what many do, and scales it tenfold. Do I think he overdoes it? Of course. Do I think that he can use less misleading titles to do it? Damn rights. Do I think that he could  spend a bit less on advertising and spam? Sure. And with many of his videos having outrageous titles such as: “get your back instantly shredded with these 4 moves,” he’s reeling people in, giving them the information they want, and then some extra goodies that they can buy on the side.

That’s where most of the hate for Mike Chang comes from. Because of the controversy that sparks up because of his pushing on advertisements and products. But what he’s doing works for him, and that’s how he’s amassed his huge following and probably a hefty bank account on top of that to back it. Are there other fitness trainers on YouTube that provide better information? Absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. Do I wish I was in Mike Chang’s shoes? Definitely. The guy has made a fortune. The point is he’s good at what he does, and he’s helping a lot of people who otherwise would have been completely lost in this world of fitness.

To sum it up, his YouTube channel is filled with great information and simple workouts, and best of all: it’s free. So for all of you who want my thoughts on Mike Chang here it is:

1) Watch his videos
2) Skip his advertisements
3) Don’t buy any of his products

See you guys in the next article!



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