Triceps anatomy

Triceps anatomy

The triceps as you may or may not know, make up 70% of your arms. If you are looking to add total mass to your arms, the triceps should not be neglected. The triceps is split into three heads, the lateral, medial and long head. There are many triceps exercises and performing certain triceps exercises work the different heads of the triceps.

Lateral head:The lateral head (often referred to as the outer head) ┬áis located on the outside of the arm. If you’ve ever looked in a muscle building magazine or overheard guys in the gym talking about trying to get the ‘horse shoe’ shape of their triceps developed, this is it. Some exercises that emphasize the lateral head are rope extensions, dumbbell kickbacks, triceps push downs and dips.

Medial Head: The medial head (often called middle head) is located deep within the arm. Exercises that work the medial head are: close grip bench press, dumbbell over head extensions, skull crushers, cable push downs and dips.

Long Head: The long head ( often called the inner head) is the largest of the 3 triceps heads. The long head runs down the back of your arm. Exercises that work the long head are: skull crushers, overhead dumbbell extensions, cable push down with straight bar, close grip bench press and dips.

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