This week’s spotlight goes to Tyson Jacula. He’s made an incredible body transformation in the last year and went to place 4th in his first ever men’s physique competition. Recently got a chance to get some questions answered by him.

tyson jacula

1) What was your lifestyle like before you started training seriously and dedicating yourself to this lifestyle?

“Before I started hitting the gym seriously, I used to party every weekend with the boys. I played a lot of sports. Rugby and snowboarding being the two main ones.”

2) What made you want to compete and build up the physique you have today?

“At the start I was training to build some more strength to help me play rugby at a higher level. I was training 5-6 days a week at the local World Health Club and one of the trainers approached me and asked if I ever thought of competing. I never did, but I thought it would be a challenge so I started training and changed my nutrition in order to get my body ready to step on stage.”

3) What motivates you on a daily basis to go to the gym? Are there days where you don’t feel like going at all?

“I love weight training in general, so getting motivated isn’t all that hard for me. Of course there are some days that I would rather order a few wheels of pizza, get a 12’er and watch hockey or football with some friends. But what’s 1-2 hours training at the gym?”

4) What’s your current training split?

“Right now I’m concentrating on bringing up my legs, chest, and back. So it’s a 3 day rotation with those being my main focus. I add the rest of the muscle groups in each of those days, maybe 2-3 sets of each. For cardio I’m doing high intensity interval training twice a week at 25 minutes a session.”

11148502_10154123949795021_1713038528375972234_n5) What’s your biggest accomplishment in relation to fitness?

“Having the stage presence at the WBFF Calgary show. My coach Tyler Malone really helped me have the confidence to walk out on stage knowing I looked the best I could and taught me how to pose my body in the best way to show off my strengths.”

6) What is your approach when it comes to nutrition? What’s your absolute favorite junk food?

 “I keep it flexible. If I want to eat something, I do. I make sure all my macro nutrients numbers are hit and I’m fine. Favorite junk food would have to be Reese’s peanut butter cups and fuzzy peaches for sure.”


7) Your favorite supplements?

Mutant Pro 100 birthday cake.
GAT Nutrition black cherry pre workout.
Nubreed HELIX BCAA pineapple.


8) What  tips or words of wisdom would you give guys who are trying to achieve an athletic and muscular physique?

“Keep at it. It’s not an overnight process. Self perception makes it hard to see the changes that you’re making. For someone else, they can see changes in you within a month, but it could take you up to 2-3 months to even begin noticing. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym, and even more in the kitchen. Set small goals every so often and work on crushing every one of them.”


9) What are your plans for the future?

“Right now just focusing on gaining more size and prepping myself for 2016 competitions. Looking forward to earning my pro card for WBFF male fitness model. After that, who knows? Only time will tell.”


10) Your inspirational fitness models/bodybuilders who you look up to?

Photo credits go to Lane Jensen @ Lane Jensen Photography
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