fitness mirrorI was recently talking to a ‘larger’ friend about his weight and how he wanted to slim down, because most of his life he was a bigger guy. He’s been following my blog for a while and reading up on how to build muscle, how to eat right etc. but for months he’s still stayed the same. I questioned him about his work out plan and found out that he only goes to the gym 2 times a week for an hour and in all honesty whenever we go out he pigs the crap out on junk food.

I had a talk with him the other day about reaching his goals and he brought up that time was a big issue, because he’s a ‘busy’ guy and all. I found out that his lack of time turned out to be his lack of ‘relaxing time’ and time for himself during the night. He works a 7 to 5 job then comes home and cooks and eats and by that time it is already 7:30 so he then just watches TV for the rest of the night and then goes to bed around 10.  The days that he does go to the gym are the days when he does not work longer hours. I had a talk with him and told him that he will not achieve his fitness goals by only going to the gym 2 times a week and that it is equivalent to not going to the gym at all.

My friend knows he’s a bigger guy and he’s so used to seeing himself as heavy set, that he has adapted the “I’ll be big forever, it’s not so bad” mindset. You all know me from my blogging, I LOVE to emphasize the fact that LIFE IS NOT SHORT. Life is a long road for most people and why not experience different versions of yourself? If you’re sick of being skinny, why not change it? If your overweight and know you should slim down, what’s stopping you? There is nothing stopping you from changing but your own mind and  will power. Let me give you a tip.

The first step in achieving your goals, whether it’s fat loss or build muscle or anything in life; is to actually WANT to change. I’ve said this before, some people say that they want to lose weight or build muscles, but they don’t want it ‘that bad.’ They do want it to a certain point, but they don’t want it as much as they want to have a burger, they don’t want it as much as they want to have a beer with the boys, they don’t want it more then they want to watch their favorite show when they know they should be at the gym. You DO have time. You just got your PRIORITIES WRONG! Why not use that hour instead of watching your show to do something for yourself? I know TONS of people who aren’t where they are because of that mindset. Humans are lazy by nature, we like to give ourselves leisure and fun, we like to do the easy things before we do something that is hard and that we know we should be doing. That is what separates the successors from the failures in life. You have to push yourself to do things that you should be doing. This brings me to my old article “Your friends vs your fat loss goals

I’m going to say this now, if you’re reading this and you’re a heavy set guy or if you’re skinny and you’re praying that one day you’ll wake up a different person without changing and not doing things that **you know you should be doing, when you should be doing it**… GOOD LUCK. Nothing ever comes easy in life. In YOUR life it’s you vs yourself. What you put in your body to fuel your hunger is what YOU control, what you do in the gym will result in what you will end up looking like. Your actions are completely controlled by YOU.  So with that said, I hope I’ve given a more clear perspective on your life and how you should go about fueling your hunger for change.


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John considers himself as a fitness enthusiast who loves to do anything to keep the body in peak physical performance (much like a highly tuned machine). He mainly focuses on sports nutrition and supplement research, but is also highly knowledgeable in relation to muscle growth and fat loss. He's helped numerous people over the years achieve the body that they've always wanted and hopes his information will guide you to the goals you want.

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