Why Do Muscles Grow?

Why Do Muscles Grow?

So you’re ready to start a training program. You know that working out will surely improve your appearance, and make you bigger and stronger, but in order to be successful at building muscle, you have to understand what you do during workouts that trigger muscle growth. So why do muscles grow?

If you have been working out for a while and noticing that your muscle gains are really slow and do not know why then this article is for you.  You are probably thinking to yourself that “Oh, well muscles should take a long time to develop and people don’t just pack on muscles overnight.” That is partially correct; muscles don’t just magically appear overnight. It takes months of proper nutrition, hard workouts and proper rest to build lean muscle. To be able to build muscle mass in the least amount of time possible, you must first have the knowledge of why muscles develop.

Many people are uneducated when it comes to the science behind nutrition and why muscle overload and stimulation causes the body to react the way it does to build strength and muscle. So why do muscles grow? Why does the body react the way it does when you’re in the gym doing a grueling workout?  Muscle grows due to a simple process. It happens through a process called ‘adaptation.’ When you are in the gym working out and putting stress your muscles, you are creating micro-fibre tears in the muscle tissue by over exerting it. After your work out session is finished, your body starts to immediately repair itself and with proper nutrition, rest, and time, your muscles will rebuild themselves to be a little bit bigger and stronger.

It’s nice to know that your muscles repair themselves, but why do they get bigger and stronger in the process?

As stated earlier, your muscles get bigger by a process called adaptation. If you don’t understand it is fairly simple, your body is basically built for one thing, which is survival. Let me go on and explain what I mean. For example, when you head to the gym and do 4 sets of chest presses with a heavy weight that you can only lift for 3 reps and you push until you cannot physically push anymore, your body takes that as an immediate threat to its survival. It does not know that you are merely lifting weights in the gym. The body just knows that it has to adapt to the stress that you’re putting on it in case the stress ever happens to come again. So immediately after the workout, your body does whatever it can to protect itself (YOU) from the ‘threat’. How does your body do that? It does that by building up more muscle fibers to generate more strength, so that if the ‘threat’ ever comes again your body will be able to essentially ‘fight it off and defend itself’ to the best of it’s abilities. Through repeated workouts and ‘stress’ put on the body, it will repeatedly defend itself by increasing the number of muscle fibers in the muscles and thus resulting in muscle size.

I hope that answers the question of “why do muscles grow.” Now that you have the knowledge hit the gym, and push the weights hard!

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